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HealthWise Pancake Mix

HealthWise Pancake Mix

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Enjoy the Delicious Versatility of HealthWise Pancake Mix

HealthWise Pancake Mix is your go-to solution for incorporating tasty, nutritious meals and snacks into your diet, perfectly adapting to your wellness and weight management needs with a variety of preparation options:

Hearty Meals: For a substantial meal, use 2 packages to create a -3 WLM meal, or combine 1 package with 1/2 cup of egg whites for the same nutritional benefit.

Lighter Meals: Prepare a lighter, tasty -2 WLM meal with 1 package mixed with either 1 egg or 2 pieces of sausage.

Snacks: For a quick and satisfying bite, a single pack serves as a +1 WLM snack.

Available in all flavors, including chocolate chip, HealthWise Pancake Mix offers great taste along with health benefits. Whether you're making breakfast or a snack, this mix supports your healthier lifestyle deliciously.


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