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HealthWise Soup

HealthWise Soup

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Shibboleth Approved Food, Warmth in Every Bowl

Quick and Nourishing: HealthWise Soups turn a classic comfort into a health-friendly option. Simply mix a packet with 8 oz of warm water, microwave for a minute, and savor a rich, savory beef soup with pasta that supports your wellness and weight management goals.

Perfect Pairings: Elevate your meal with these tailored suggestions

  • Pair with a grilled cheese sandwich or cheese quesadilla for a -1 WLM satisfying meal.
  • Opt for Quest Tortilla chips for a -2 WLM crunchy experience.
  • Indulge with Double Chips for another -1 WLM flavorful addition.

Smart Snacking: Be mindful of your calorie intake when adding extras. Balancing treats with nutrition is key to effective weight management.

Flexible Eating:

  • Snacks: Up to 1 per day.
  • Extras: Limit to 1 per day.
  • Meal Replacement: Use 1 packet as a 0 WLM extra, 2 for a 0 WLM snack, or 3 for a -3 WLM meal replacement.

Enjoying HealthWise Beef Soup isn't just eating—it's choosing a healthier, balanced lifestyle one delicious bowl at a time.


Customer Reviews

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Gail Martin

So Good !LOVE ALL THE PROTEIN SOUPS! Cream of tomato with grill cheese! Delicious ❤️

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