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AHS (Robard)

AHS Pancakes - Box of 7

AHS Pancakes - Box of 7

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AHS Pancakes: Classic Breakfast with a Healthy Twist

Comfort and Nutrition Combined: AHS Pancakes transform the beloved breakfast staple into a health-oriented delight, perfect for those dedicated to their wellness goals.

Meal Options:

  • Weight Loss Mode: Kickstart your day with 2 packages for a -3 WLM meal, or mix 1 package with 1/2 cup of egg whites for a protein-packed breakfast that also scores a -3 WLM.
  • Flexible Meals: For a -2 WLM meal that doesn't skimp on flavor, combine 1 package with an egg or sausage. This option offers a delicious balance between health and indulgence.

Snacking: Opt for a single package as a +1 WLM snack. This choice is ideal for those sweet cravings, allowing for indulgence that's still mindful of your wellness.

Custom Portions: Whether you choose 1 or 2 packages, AHS Pancakes offer the flexibility to adjust your meal or snack size according to your dietary needs and preferences.

AHS Pancakes are the key to enjoying a nutritious, satisfying meal or snack without compromise. They provide a versatile, tasty option for anyone on a path to better health, ensuring you can still savor the joy of a hearty breakfast while staying aligned with your health objectives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Melody Unger
These are so good!!

Love these pancakes

JoyebethAdams Boyd
Fat burner

Love these light and fluffy

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