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AHS (Robard)

AHS Macaroni & Cheese - Box of 3

AHS Macaroni & Cheese - Box of 3

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AHS Macaroni & Cheese: Comfort Food Made Health-Conscious

Classic Comfort with a Healthy Twist: AHS Macaroni & Cheese reinvents the traditional favorite, aligning it with your health and weight management needs. Enjoy this classic dish as part of your wellness journey without compromising on taste.

Coach Mode: Integrate 1 package with your choice of lean protein or hemp for a fulfilling -3 WLM meal. This simple combination ensures you meet your nutritional goals effortlessly, without any extra ingredients.

Snack Option: For a light, guilt-free treat, a single package of AHS Macaroni & Cheese serves as a 0 WLM snack. It’s the perfect option for those moments when you need a comforting nibble without the guilt.

Custom Meals: Create a meal that suits your specific dietary needs by mixing 1/2 package with other food categories. This flexible approach allows you to maintain variety while sticking to your health objectives.

Maintenance: During your maintenance phase, use 2 packages for a robust, satisfying meal replacement that keeps you content and on track.

With AHS Macaroni & Cheese, indulge in the creamy, comforting taste of mac and cheese while adhering to your health goals. It’s the ideal blend of pleasure and nutrition, making it easier to stay committed to your dietary plan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chrissy Snelson
Mac n cheese for the win!

This is an amazing comfort food that fits the diet! I lov having it on hand. I add a protein and green beans or broccoli for a perfect, yummy, satisfying meal!

Karen Cline
Great pasta

This is delicious!

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