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AHS (Robard)

AHS Fettuccini Alfredo - Box of 3

AHS Fettuccini Alfredo - Box of 3

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AHS Fettuccini Alfredo: Rich Taste with Health in Mind

Merging Italian Flavors with Your Health Objectives: AHS Fettuccini Alfredo brings the indulgent, creamy taste of Italy into harmony with your wellness goals, offering versatility throughout various phases of your diet.

Coach Mode: For those focused on weight management, mix 1 package with a lean protein or hemp for a nutritious -3 WLM meal. This option allows you to enjoy hearty flavors without any unnecessary additions.

Snack Option: Enjoy a single package of AHS Fettuccini Alfredo as a 0 WLM snack, perfect for satisfying your taste buds guilt-free anytime.

Creative Mix: Get inventive with your meals by combining 1/2 package with different food categories to create a custom, balanced meal that caters to your dietary preferences and needs.

Maintenance: When in maintenance mode, double up with 2 packages for a rich, flavor-packed meal replacement that doesn't compromise on taste.

Discover the perfect blend of sumptuous flavor and thoughtful nutrition with AHS Fettuccini Alfredo. It's designed to support your dietary journey while providing a creamy, satisfying experience.

Customer Reviews

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Sherri Moody

Great product!

JoyebethAdams Boyd

Love this with tuna

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