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AHS (Robard)

AHS Cheesesteak - Box of 7

AHS Cheesesteak - Box of 7

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AHS Cheesesteak: Health-Conscious Cheesesteak Experience

Transforming Classic Flavor into Healthier Choices: AHS Cheesesteak redefines the iconic cheesesteak, turning it into a smart option for those on a wellness and weight loss path. It's all about enjoying the savory flavors you love while supporting your health goals.

Coach Mode: Optimize your meal plan with AHS Cheesesteak. Consuming 2 packages creates a meal with a -3 WLM impact, aligning perfectly with weight management objectives. Alternatively, combine 1 package with lean protein for a nutritious, balanced meal without unnecessary extras.

Snack Option: Craving something tasty but mindful? A single package serves as a 0 WLM snack, ideal for guilt-free indulgence that keeps cravings at bay.

Flexible Portions:

  • Snack: Use 1 packet for a satisfying, low-impact snack.
  • Meal: Use 2 packets for a fuller, nutrient-rich meal.

With AHS Cheesesteak, you don’t have to choose between taste and health. It’s designed to be your partner in seamlessly combining delicious, savory satisfaction with your dietary goals, ensuring that flavor and fitness go hand in hand.

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